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Ground Hornbill Chick

January 6, 2016
For many years Senalala has participated in a program to provide nesting habitat for resident Southern Ground Hornbills (Bucorvus Leadbeateri). This large bird species is endangered primarily due to habitat loss. This year we are fortunate to have seen the fruits of our efforts (in providing an artificial nesting environment) as witnessed in the above … Read more

Today was hot!!!

January 6, 2016
The main culprit of the record heat and associated drought is El Niño, a weather phenomenon that occurs every two to seven years and appears when large parts of the eastern and central Pacific Ocean are experiencing above normal sea-surface temperatures. One of the strongest El Niño events ever observed has settled over the Pacific. … Read more

Morning Visitors

January 6, 2016
The Cape Wild Dogs (Lycaon Pictus Pictus) at our waterhole this past week were a pleasant surprise. South Africa has only about 400 of these stunning animals and we are blessed to see different packs of them quite regularly. They came to visit, and one of our guides (Jacques Briam) captured this incredible image of … Read more
Impala fawns

Impalas at Senalala

December 21, 2015
Summer is the onset of hot days and occasional rain that is vital for the bush. It is also the time that the Impala ( Aepyceros Melampus) birth their fawns as can be seen in this enchanting scene. We often miss the stunning beauty of these animals which are always alert and wary. It is … Read more
Peter Stewart Zebras

Art by Peter Stewart

December 21, 2015
The above print is of a painting (zebra herd) done by Peter Stewart who is affiliated with Senalala. As you wander through our main area you will see various prints of his fine work. Peter is currently commissioned to paint an original wildlife painting which will be in our main lodge in the near future. … Read more

Game Drive

December 21, 2015
Visiting the Bush is all about seeing the animal’s right? We stop almost every drive and have the guide impart some his humungous knowledge base to visiting guests who for the most part are keen learners. It is also a good time to grab your favorite beverage and relax while you take in the beauty … Read more