Buffalo at the waterhole


June 23, 2019
The drought of past years caused the multiple Buffalo herds that have been present in the Klaserie to decline significantly as these bovines moved to areas where there was adequate grazing. This has a significant effect on the tourist experience as it became somewhat arduous to find them and in addition  it affected the amount … Read more

Seasons in the bush

November 6, 2018
Visitors often ask which is the best season to visit the Greater Kruger National Park and it is not a simple answer. Each season has its own special characteristics and special charm. As we exit the dry winter season (hopefully soon!!) and are fortunate to have decent precipitation, the bush evolves from the brown /grey … Read more


August 6, 2018
The most awesome sightings are those that give our guests that feeling of privilege when they  experience that true “once in a lifetime moment” and this lion sighting accomplished that in short order.  The viewing of these three lion cubs with their mother, for the first time, was that special moment. For quite some time … Read more


May 29, 2018
This spotted hyena mom and her cubs are a common sighting in the Klaserie reserve. The Greater Kruger National Park is home to approximately 6,000 of this feliform carnivore ( Crocuta Crocuta )  and they are of least concern from a conservation standpoint. The spotted hyena is a very complex social species of the carnivora … Read more
Baby Elephants

Baby Elephants

April 29, 2018
Sometimes blog posts don’t need much language. Greater Kruger is home to as many as 17,000 elephants and this amazing wildlife moment was seen this past month while our visitors were on game drive.
Flap Necked Chameleon

Flap-necked Chameleon

April 12, 2018
Quite often, while on game drive, your guide will stop and point out a chameleon in a tree. This reptile blends into the green leaves and is almost universally seen only by the ranger, who has been trained to look for them as something unique. The creature is very common in the Greater Kruger Park … Read more
Gorgious Zebras

Stunning Zebras

March 19, 2018
This Zebra, grazing with her foal, is an opportunity to highlight this oft neglected species. Visitors to the Kruger area are often intently focused on seeing the “Big Five”, sometimes not stopping to absorb how special these stunning animals are. Zebras are scientifically named Equus quagga  ( with this sub-species being Burchell’s zebra ) and have evolved … Read more
Leopard with Kill

Dream Sighting

January 17, 2018
This is THE dream-sighting that every safari visitor would like to encounter while out on game drive, “a kill in a tree”. This leopard (Panthera pardus pardus) was caught in the act of hauling its recently hunted prey high into a tree where it is safe from other predators,in particular hyenas which are quick to … Read more
Scops owl


December 10, 2017
This cute Scops-owl is almost always found at Senalala within the camp and can often be heard calling throughout your safari visit. It is one of the smallest owls of the family Strigidae and this particular species is the African Scops-owl ( Otus Senegalensis) which is one of about 45 different owls in this Genus … Read more
Red crested Koorhan

red-crested korhaan

November 21, 2017
This male red-crested korhaan was photographed at the beginning of its descent during its territorial display. It is “nature in motion” and one of the common sights that safari guests get to experience in the Lowveld. This bird is also known as the red-crested bustard (lophotis ruficrista) and is common to the central part of … Read more