Red crested Koorhan

red-crested korhaan

November 21, 2017
This male red-crested korhaan was photographed at the beginning of its descent during its territorial display. It is “nature in motion” and one of the common sights that safari guests get to experience in the Lowveld. This bird is also known as the red-crested bustard (lophotis ruficrista) and is common to the central part of … Read more
Huge Cape Buffalo Boss

Huge Cape Buffalo Boss

August 19, 2017
This Cape Buffalo was seen this week and it is stunning in that the spread of his horns, known as it’s “Boss”, is so great. The horns have fused bases that form a continuous bone structure over the top of the head and are a characteristic feature of this spectacular animal. This bovine is only … Read more
Elephants at waterhole


August 3, 2017
One of the advantages of having a waterhole at the camp is the constant comings and goings of different species that need to hydrate often. The privilege of having different size elephant herds and the various bulls come and drink is an almost daily occurrence and this small herd  is quite typical. An average mature … Read more
Wild dog

The magnificent Cape Wild Dog

March 19, 2017
Almost all visitors to the Greater Kruger come to see as much wildlife as they can, either in quantity or diversity. sadly our industry has been marketed with the term “Big Five” supposedly being the ultimate goal in terms of what you need to see. This beautiful Cape Wild Dog surpasses all of the big … Read more

Fantastic rhino sightings

February 12, 2017
While we try not to post media on rhino’s at the time we see them, we obviously enjoy some fantastic rhino sightings .With geotagging and the vast manipulation of social media we encourage visitors to Senalala not to post them either. But they are seen quite often and this wonderful specimen was photographed with our … Read more

a new Impala mom with her fawn

January 9, 2017
The common impala is always seen on a safari visit to Senalala as it is the most common ungulate in the greater Kruger national park. This stunning photo shows the true beauty of this animal, a new mom with her fawn. You can read all about this antelope  here as well as a few snippets of … Read more


December 2, 2016
Displaced but has re-emerged in new territory.   This regal male with origins (well documented)in the  Balule Nature Reserve,  some 20 kilometers north of us has begun to appear frequently in our traversing area. About 8 years old it is hoped that it will establish itself with some of the females that are here already, … Read more

After a grueling El Niño-driven drought

November 15, 2016
After a grueling El Niño-driven drought, the river finally flowed for the first time in 18 months after 33 mm of rain. El Niño is a phenomenon that occurs when warm water in the tropical latitudes of the western Pacific is displaced eastwards towards South America. As a result, the average temperature increases across the world, … Read more

Giraffe Reclassified

September 23, 2016
Scientists have analyzed nuclear gene data from all formerly recognized giraffe subspecies and have determined that all giraffe subspecies are composed of genetically divergent lineages. All former giraffe subspecies cluster genetically into four highly distinct groups. Giraffe population numbers across Africa continue to decline as a result of habitat loss and this re-classification will certainly have conservation implications. So the new … Read more


August 23, 2016
Many professional guides never get to see one of these in the wild ……..they are that elusive! This Ground Pangolin (Smutsia temminckii) is one of eight species found on two continents, Asia and Africa. Pangolins have a keen sense of smell and hearing but poor vision. This solitary, mostly nocturnal  creature is also called a scaly anteater … Read more